Bahama shutter

The StormTech Bahama shutter allows free flow ventilation with it’s open back design and is constructed of extruded aluminum components. Our Impact Bahama Shutters meet Florida Building Code requirements without a solid or perforated backing. With a durable powdercoat finish, offered in an array of decorator colors, you can protect, beautify and secure your home and your family with our patented design.

The bahama shutter consists of a one piece awning type adjustable panel. Our bahama shutter are custom crafted for your home or office and are built to last. The bahama shutter is connected to the structure at the top by a pivoting hinge.

Shutters Systems

Over the years we’ve participated in mitigation programs throughout the Southeast, including My Safe Florida Home, Rebuild NW Florida, Fortified Home, Road Home Louisiana, and more. Our team of experts are on top of the latest building code requirements and industry trends, assuring you the peace of mind of knowing you are getting the best the storm shutter industry has to offer…
The top hinge allows the Bahama panel section to be adjusted to several positions. It can also be locked securely in place by adjustable aluminum arms which attach to the panel and to the structure. Our system offers an optional sliding pinlatch which can be located for inside or outside locking.

With two decorative Bahama shutter designs and two impact Bahama shutter systems, Stormtech has the product to meet your architectural need. Get the look of the islands on your home or business! Stormtech is ready and trained to provide the finest product on the market.